Home Escapes

Don’t want to leave your home (or business) to do an escape? We’ve got you covered! We will bring our escape room to you!

30 Minute Home Escape (10 Guests Max) –

$100 Deposit for a party of 4 + $10 per extra guest due the day of party.

If you are located within 30 minutes of Ellwood City there is no surcharge. 
If you are located 3o minutes or more away from Ellwood City there is a $25 surcharge that will be added to your invoice.

Please read the requirements below then click the link at the bottom of our page to request a booking!


You will need a space big enough to accommodate your guests comfortably. We recommend one large room for our 30-minute escape.  Items will be hidden throughout the room so you & your guests will need the space to search and work with each other.

A minimum of 4 guests. We recommend no more than 10 guests as a maximum to optimize the escape room experience, however, it is under your discretion to have as many guests as you’d like.

You must be comfortable allowing your personal items to be handled. Our escape room props and items will be hidden among your household or business. You will want to allow your guests to move as freely as possible throughout your space.

Electricity. (A TV with a USB hook up is recommended but not necessary.)

Room for two of Hyland’s Home employees. There will always be 2 employees present to help set up & help with clues while the escape room is in progress.

We will need 30 minutes prior to the escape to set up, 30-60 minutes for the escape to take place, and about 30 minutes to clean up once the escape is over. (About 2 hours total) Please keep this in mind when scheduling your party. Guests may not be present while the escape room is being set up.

You will be required to sign a waiver. Hyland’s Home is fully insured and will not be responsible for any damages caused by you or your guests.

If possible, please send a photo and estimated dimensions of your room when requesting a booking. We cannot guarantee a booking and reserve the right to deny bookings for households that do not meet the requirements listed above.

Please remember, this is YOUR home and YOUR party. Hyland’s Home will not provide any refreshments or food or be responsible for no-shows. We do not accept cancelations or provide refunds, however, we can reschedule.

If weather conditions are too severe for travel, we reserve the right to reschedule or refund you in full.